The collection LITTLE ONES fascinates by puristic elegance and an atmospheric range of colours. The plasticity of the stitchings, the hand-brushed metal accessories and the delicacy of the materials are focused on particularly.

Tenuous circumferential piping and facing provide for manual perfection.
LITTLE ONES surrounds an ingenious, perfect use of forms which visualises strength and dynamism and owns a high recognition value at the same time.

The finest materials from Italy are combined with precision craftsmanship, hand made in Germany.

Only calfskin with fine, natural grain and matt shine from one of the best tanneries in Italy is used. Beside their extraordinary plasticity, the exclusivity of the handbags and accessories’ evident by the manually executed quilt work. The accessories of solid metal are individually handcrafted, hand-brushed, and the surfaces are meticulously finished. Moreover, every handbag is lined with suede.

CELIACZERLINSKIs LITTLE ONES signifies exclusivity, symmetry and strength of character in expression.