All CELIACZERLINSKI products are manufactured using the world's most complex tool - the human hand.

To assure such outstanding quality, Celia Czerlinski's manufacturer uses state-of-the-art techniques. Nevertheless, every step from cutting to quilting and assembly of the metal trims is carried out by hand.

100 leather and metal parts from 40 different suppliers, around 30 different production steps and up to 15 hours manual work by 5 specialists - for the CELIACZERLINSKI brand HAND MADE IN GERMANY stands for the utmost in luxury and the finest workmanship.

The result is uncompromising quality.

Celia Czerlinski personally oversees every stage in the process to make sure her drawings and three-dimensional models are followed to the smallest detail. That means she can control every aspect of production - from the initial inspection to final quality control.

Respect for the materials used is the essence of her brand philosophy.

Hand quilting gives the bags their unmistakable exclusivity and distinctive touch, while fine piping and exquisitely worked edges accentuate their luxury nature.

The bags are set off by elegant yet robust Italian metal trims. All metal parts are hand-crafted using an exclusive process to give them their signature antique silver colour.

The bags are lined with genuine velour leather specially dyed in the brand's corporate shade: warm gray. The inside pockets are lined with strong jacquard fabric patterned with the brand logo.

The bags are supplied in specially tailored jacquard dust protectors with strong drawstring closures. For additional protection, they are padded with tissue paper and attractively boxed.

Celia Czerlinski personally inspects all materials together with the local manufacturers. It is this tireless personal commitment that enables her to source the materials for her unique products from suppliers that work with well-known international haute couture houses. That is the only way to ensure that the brand lives up to its vision of absolute perfection.